April 2023: Mainnet Launch
  • Choiverse will officially launch on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Players will be able to access and play the games available on the platform
  • NFTs will also be available for purchase and sale
Q2 2023: Marketing Push
  • Our team will focus on marketing efforts to increase awareness and attract players to the platform
  • We will work to build a strong community of users and establish partnerships with other projects in the blockchain and gaming industries
Q3 2023 and onwards: Platform Expansion
  • We will release more games and NFTs on the platform to keep players engaged and excited
  • We will also begin to introduce non-VR games to expand the types of gaming experiences available on Choiverse
  • Our team will continue to work on improving the user experience and enhancing the features available on the platform
As we move forward, our goal is to establish Choiverse as a leading gaming platform in the metaverse, with a robust community of users and a diverse selection of games and NFTs available for players to enjoy. We are excited to bring our vision to life and look forward to welcoming more players to our platform in the months and years ahead.